These Photoshop composites were all about capturing the essence of nature, creating elements of our world as spirits.


I wanted to capture not only the movement and power of the sea, but also the vibrant color and life that swims beneath the surface. I wanted to give that color harmony between all the blues and oranges, balancing coral features on the spirit’s face and head with the striking blues and greens of her wave hair. On her hand I included a blue ring octopus, a very deadly species of octopus, but also a very beautiful sea creature. This is to highlight the duality of the ocean: the push and pull of danger, power, and wildness, and also beauty, tranquility, and harmony.


This piece shows the somber spirit of Fire burdened by the powers of destruction but also imbued with the powers of creation. I needed her to have a fierceness to her appearance, hair resembling flames, smoke and ash giving her an intense appearance. However, I wanted to express her carrying a certain burden or duty, and also carrying a lot of beauty in spite of the destructive power. The smith with the hammer represents the power of humankind’s creation through fire. Beauty, warmth, passion, and life are represented by the candles and couple by the fireplace in the top left.